Systemic Models

The value of systemic management of the customer experience

Many organisations make claims about how much they value and appreciate their customers as the “life blood” of their business.

Fewer companies actually manage customer relationships and interactions with a rigorous, innovative and systemic approach.

What do we mean by systemic? Don’t we mean systematic?
Well, there is a critical difference between these two terms:

  • Systemic is defined as “Of or relating to a whole system, especially as opposed to a particular part”
  • Systematic means “Done or acting according to a fixed plan or system; methodical”

The former, therefore, infers a holistic approach, taking into account all the variables and soft/hard factors that affect outcomes; the latter is more about ‘improving the process’.

We wholeheartedly believe that the customer experience should be seen and managed as a business system rather than a process (or set of connected processes).

There is undoubted value in systematically improving the value and service that you deliver to customers. Trouble is customers may feel ‘processed’ by this approach. We are convinced that there is significant extra value when companies systemically improve the way in which they find, engage and satisfy customers in today’s multi-channel yet cost-conscious environment. By this we mean raising your capabilities across the whole system – including the fundamental drivers, and the physical & emotional elements.

We further believe that the systems and fundamental drivers of customer experience management are different for B2B, B2C and Public Sectors.

In B2B the key drivers are Trust, Interdependence & Equitability. In B2C they are Win, Keep, Develop, Costs (also referred to as REAP – retention, efficiency, acquisition & penetration).

In the Public Sector we refer to the 3 C’s – Customer Focus, Commercial Acumen and Cost Efficiency. Much blogging has been and will be done on these subjects!

At WCL Customer Management we have adopted distinct models for these systems, and use worldclass capability improvement tools and methodologies to innovate and deliver more value and efficiency in each:

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Peter LaversPeter is an expert in relationship marketing and customer experience management. He directs the Customer Management arm of WCL, helping clients to develop new and innovative ways to find, engage and satisfy customers.

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