Many organisations claim that they value their customers, citizens and stakeholders. We believe that few manage those relationships and interactions with a rigorous, high-quality, systemic approach.

The WCL Customer Management team, which is directed by Peter Lavers, can help you improve the value and service that you deliver to customers – efficiently.

We work across B2C, B2B, voluntary and public sectors, helping unlock the significant opportunities that exist to improve the way in which you find, engage and satisfy customers in today’s multi-channel yet cost-conscious environment.

We passionately believe that customer experience needs to be managed systemically, and we utilise best-practice business systems, tools and approaches that are proven to work.

The benefits we secure are;

  • Higher value to and from customers

  • Clearer, more feasible, successful and cost-effective customer management and service delivery

  • Internal acceptance of customer-focused thinking and removal of internal fear of action

  • Customer management properly integrated with marketing, sales and service

  • More relevant and differentiated propositions

  • Motivated and focused staff, performing better

  • More highly engaged stakeholders

  • Better value from systems and data

  • Clearer links between business drivers (customer acquisition and retention) and outcomes (product sales and financial results).

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